Private Clients

“Our wedding was perfect because of DC Vegan’s amazing food, service and attention to detail. Their presentations and demeanor were so classy and elegant -- I can’t recommend them enough!” -Rachel

“Plant-based food has reached perfection here!” - Rigel

“I am a staunch believer that human kind did not climb the evolutionary food chain over a vast period to not eat animals. That being said this is the *only* vegan food that I actually find really good. Keep up the good work!” – Scott

“I’m a meat and potatoes guy, but I loved it!” – Juan

“It’s the only vegan food I have ordered more than once … And I have ordered it about 20 times and should be again any day now!” – Donna

“The food was INCREDIBLE that you all catered for me.  Truly incredible!! . . . Love you guys!” -Sharon 

“The food . . . was excellent and even went over well with the non-vegans (only two of us were vegan).” -David

“Everything was extraordinary! So glad to find you.  Thank you so very much.” - Anna

“DC Vegan Catering catered my wedding last year!  I loved them so much and my guests did too!” - Heather

Corporate Clients

“Everyone LOVED it!!! It was a smash hit! My entire office was asking who the caterer is.” – Laura

“DC Vegan Caters our employee meal program and it is healthy, delicious, reliable and consistent. Our team absolutely loves their food!  And I love their service – they are great communicators and so easy to work with!” – Donna

“As part of our sustainable food policy and effort to ‘walk the talk,’ my organization orders plant-based food for our events.  DC Vegan is perfect for us! We order from them for anything from all-staff breakfasts to team lunches to receptions, always with rave reviews from herbivores and omnivores alike.  The food is amazing – I want a beet burger right now – and it’s easy to order for all the allergies and sensitivities without anyone feeling like they are missing out or eating like rabbits.  The menu is creative and showcases filling and flavorful dishes, unlike some traditional places where we must customize our order to fit our needs and then feel like something is absent in the meal. Nothing feels absent with DC Vegan.  Seriously, no one cares about meat when they are provided with avocado smash for their bagels!  Leah, Michael, and the staff are wonderful to work with, quick to respond, and gracious even when frantically called upon to bring deliciousness last minute.  We love working with them!” - Emily